Help Us Bring "HOPE" to northeastern oklahoma

Our center was one of the first freestanding cancer centers in the nation to utilize the new Varian Halcyon radiotherapy system. With this advanced technology, our physicians are able to deliver high-quality radiation therapy with great precision, accuracy and speed.

Individualized to treat each patient’s specific cancer, this technology precisely targets tumors with finely-shaped beams to maximize dose to the tumor while minimizing exposure of the surrounding healthy tissues and organs. Because of its versatility, the Halcyon system can be used to treat a wide range of cases, including prostate, breast, head and neck, and many other forms of cancer.

Halcyon delivers faster treatments, as well. The time of each treatment is shorter than those delivered with conventional technology, often in less than 15 minutes, allowing patients to get in and out of the cancer center quickly and get on with their day.

To learn more about the Varian Halcyon machine, visit the Varian website, or contact us!